Single Sushi

Dating sites don't work.

We are different.

We date in Facebook!

We date worldwide!

Dating sites tease but deliver nothing!

Dating sites use beautiful profiles to draw you in. They make you believe there are plenty of fish in the sea.

You spend an hour a day to browse profiles and message them. You do it every day for 6 months. You get nothing.

You are not alone. Google "why dating sites don't work". Same story everywhere >

You message women but they never reply ...

Why? Because women are swamped!

Women create profiles, instantly get swamped, never come back.

Dating sites don't work because women don't go there!

How often do you see a young woman using a dating site?

Where do women go? Facebook! Facebook! Facebook!

Go where women go! Be seen by many! They will message you!

We use Facebook's social marketing platform to place a post by you into the newsfeed of your dating target.

You will be seen by a LOT of women. The number of women seeing you on Facebook will DWARF the profile views you get on dating sites. The large number works in your favor.

Some women will like you and message you and friend you because they are comfortable liking and messaging and friending on Facebook, a platform they already love.

Go Worldwide!

Many women around the world are attracted to Western men.

We can put you in front of millions of girl-next-door type women anywhere in the world, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Russia, Ukraine ...

Just by being yourself you are already an exotic commodity!

Explore the world and discover her!

Why limit yourself when there are beauties everywhere?

Communication is easy with the help of photos, videos and auto translation.

Explore her timeline, talk to her, then travel to meet her ...

Real her, real you!

You can see her whole life in her timeline, and she can see yours. You can see her family and friends, and she can see yours.

In contrast, what do dating sites, apps, and agencies have? Questionnaires? Profile photos? Who knows who's real and who's fake?

Easy to try!

No profile forms, no personality quiz!

In minutes your dating post could be in the newsfeed of many single women. In a day or two you will get results! Yes, Facebook is that fast!

All you need is a Facebook account and a good profile photo, then you are ready to go.

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