Single Sushi

International Dating That Works

We date in Facebook.

We take a different approach to international dating. We advertise your Facebook profile directly to women in Facebook based on your selection criteria. Your ad will be seen by a LOT of women. Some women will like your ad or comment on it. When women respond to your ad, you can make a friend request on Facebook and start talking to them.

You only pay for the ads that you want to place. We have no subscription, no recurring fees, and no hidden fees.

An Example

Here is an example of a $10 ad. This ad was viewed by 53,000 people and got 98 likes, 12 loves, and 418 comments. Here are a few women who liked the ad:

Unique Single Sushi dating strategies

Imagine that you are planning to visit Mexico City. Before going, you can use Single Sushi to advertise specifically in Mexico City. We can reach far more women in Mexico City than any other dating service because we advertise through Facebook. So you can easily line up dates in Mexico City before your trip.

Maybe you want to date in Mexico but you aren't sure where. Then first advertise in all of Mexico and see which area gives you the best result. Then advertise in that area to line up dates there, and then go visit.

Maybe you aren't even sure which country you want to date in. Then place one low-cost ad in each country that you are considering and see which country works best for you.

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